Anti-electroshock Proclamation

We who care,

We who are committed to decency,

We who behold with horror the disrespect for human life around us,

We who shudder at the knowledge

Of women whose memory has been turned into ember and ashes,

Of families brutally torn asunder by pulse waves or sine waves,

Of the elderly, whose final life reward is electrocution,

We who hold this fearful knowledge can be silent no longer.

LEGISLATORS, on this Mother’s Day, we hold you directly accountable and call on you to withdraw your authorization for electroshock.

FELLOW CITIZENS who think this “practice” stopped decades ago, on this Mother’s Day,

We tell you that the carnage continues and that you too are responsible.

On this Mother’s Day, May 13, 2007, as survivors and allies, we come together to raise our voices in protest,

And we vow to return,


And return again

Until this abomination

Is no more.

—- Bonnie Burstow, 2007


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  1. Mark on

    This is a powerful and moving proclamation. Good luck with the demonstration, and with saving lives!

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