“A Mind to End Shock Therapy

Congratulations to Trish Crawford for her wonderful article on electroshock (see also post called “Star Treatment“). Very interesting to see that Goldbloom–medical advisor for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health–can do nothing more that trot out the same old tired lines. That ECT is given as the treatment of last resort for people with medium to severe depression, when so very many testimonies (see Wendy’s; see Sue’s in the Star article) show otherwise, also when studies show that ECT is no more effective for depression than placebo (Ross, 2006) He likewise uses that standby of justifying electroshocking the elderly on the rationale that drugs might damage them. He just ignores all the research like Sackheim (2007) which prove conclusively that the elderly are more cognitively impaired and indeed more brain-damaged by electroshock than the young.

How nice that the mainstream media are taking this important issue seriously! How unfortunate that so that very many in the medical profession seem unable to!


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  1. shaindl on

    Yes, it was great to see the article in the star. Too bad the psychiatrist interviewed seemed to have no consciousness of social context. Yes, women are depressed more often than men in our patriarchal society. Gee! I wonder why? They have a lot more reason to be depressed about!!! Hardly a sound reason to subject them to ECT!

  2. Graeme on

    The following letters appeared in yesterday’s Star. I guess the top two were to be expected although the bottom one adds a nice punchline. Now, what was that old adage about having the final word…………………….?


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