10 May, Xtra Article “Shocking Treatment”

An Xcellent article from Xtra magazine appeared this past week.  You can read Krishna Rau’s article, Shocking Treatment here.  It’s a really well-rounded article (and an interview with Bonnie Burstow), focusing in on shock as a “treatment” for queer folk (GLBTTQ). 

Rau discusses Persimmon Blackbridge & Sheila Gilhooly’s (1985) Still Sane project, and includes Sheila’s wonderful and still affecting statement:  19 shock treatments, and I still didn’t want to be cured of being a lesbian.

I love that.

Rau also writes about James Harrison’s (1992) documentary film, Changing Our Minds, which detailed the history of lobotomy, shock, hysterectomies and estrogen injections as “treatments” for queerness.

As for an update on shock as gay aversion therapy, Rau notes that “According to reports from the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) and other international human rights organizations, electroshock treatment is still being used on queers in some parts of the world.”

 Thanks to Rau.

 * & thanks to everyone who came to the Mother’s Day rally yesterday.  What beautiful weather, and what great energy.  I’m sure there will be a blog about this rally later on. * 

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