Irish shock survivors speak out at Cork demo

This post is a speech by Mel during the anti-shock demo in Cork, Ireland on May 13, 2007 organized by MindFreedom Ireland. Many thanks to shock survivor-activist Mel and survivor-organizer Mary Maddock for sending me this powerul statement – Don Weitz

You asked me to write a synopsis of my ECT DEMO speech

I would be delighted to do that, but would probably need what i read out. My own piece after i had read out the testimony was roughly as follows:

When we think of giving people electric shocks, we think of things like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, and associate it with the practice of torture and gross abuse of human rights. And yet the practice of ECT, electric shock to the brain, is widely used in psychiatric hospitals throughout the world, without any scientific basis whatsoever, and often with seriously deleterious effect.

Thus, if one cares about a world without torture, we must stand by all of those who have been tortured, unnecessarily and in the name of medical treatment, the benefits of which are at best unproven.

Amnesty international is currently running a “Stop Violence Against Women” Campaign. Two-thirds of ECT victims are women.

Join us in a call for human rights and oppose the practice of ECT.

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