Colette’s testimony

    The following statement is from Colette, another courageous shock survivor who  gave personal testimony for the first time at the anti-shock demo in Cork Ireland on May 13/07 –  way to go, Colette!- Don

I was first given shock treatment (E.C.T.) at 19 when I was committed to Lindville, a private mental hospital, in Cork city.  They blasted me with it twice a week or so during the six months that I spent there. I managed to escape from there then.

Off and on, during subsequent committals to Sarsfieldscourt public mental hospital, I was given E.C.T.  I can only recall once being given a consent form for E.C.T.   In ,79, talking with other patients I gave my view that their (hospitals’) was not helping us.  We decided to confront the staff thinking meaningful dialogue was possible.  It was not.  We were transferred by ambulance to Our Lady’s .A huge gothic, much feared mental hospital.  I was blasted with E.C.T. and put into a locked ward Ita’s 2.  I was put on extremely strong drugs so I never could recall what actually took place when we spoke to staff in Sarsfieldscourt .  When I resisted taking heavy drugs they pinned me down and injected me . They poured largactil down my throat on other occasions.

At this time my poor mother suffered a mental breakdown, presumably due to worry over me.

Subsequently, I suffered very much from memory loss.  When I worked in a jeweller’s.  I was put in charge of repairs.  One day 2 ladies called in for jewellery left for repair.  We could not find it.  I had no memory of what I had done with it.  They were leaving on the liner from Cobh in a couple of hours.  Needless to say, I was fired.

Later I got a good job with the local newspaper, ’The Examiner’.  From the start, I had little or no recall of adverts I had taken. I seemed careless, not to be trusted with responsibility or promotion.  I thought it was due to medication, but when I came off medication in ’94, my memory was as bad as ever.

Colette, a member of MindFreedom Ireland.

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