Drugging Ontario’s Kids- Letter to Globe and Mail

June 14, 2007

Letters Editor
The Globe and Mail

Dear Editor –
Your informative article re the drugging of children under the “care” of Ontario Children’s Aid Societies is another shameful and disturbing example of psychiatry-and-state sanctioned child abuse (“Nearly half of children in Crown care are medicated”, June 9). No doubt tens of thousands of other children in Ontario and other provinces are being drugged with the super dangerous stimulant Ritalin and other addictive psychiatric drugs after they’ve been labeled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (‘ADHD’) – another so-called “mental disorder” exposed as a fraud by pediatric neurologist Fred Baughman Jr. – and other pseudo-medical diagnoses For authoritative information re the devastating effects of psychiatric drugs on children, I urge readers and child advocates to read these consciousness-raising books: Your Drug May Be Your Problem (1999) by psychiatrist Peter Breggin and social scientist-researcher David Cohen, and The War Against Children (1994) by Dr. Breggin and Ginger Ross Breggin (1994).
Don Weitz

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