Petition against forced drugging from MindFreedom founder Mary Maddock

At a meeting in Cork last night (Thursday June 28th), human rights activist Mary Maddock, psychiatric survivor and founder-member of MindFreedom Ireland presented her petition to the EU Petitions Committee, currently touring Ireland.Her petition is entitled ‘The Illegality of Ireland’s Mental Health Act of 2001 as it Concerns the Forced Use of Mind Altering Drugs on Unwilling Patients.”

A second petition on the same issue was presented by John McCarthy, well known activist who stood as a candidate in the recent general election specifically on the issue of mental health.

The Petitions Committee, which is gathering petitions on a number of different issues, includes Irish MEPs Kathy Sinnott, Mairead McGuinness and Proinsais De Rossa. Ms. Sinnott is Vice-Chair of the Committee.

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