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“I don’t know why one man has to die thirty-six times just to prove the psychiatric field right or wrong.” – ECT Survivor testimony.

Video testimony from the Public Hearings on Electroshock, taken during the two-day Inquiry into Psychiatry held April 9-10, 2005 in Toronto, is now online. This video portrays powerful and moving testimony from electroshock survivors, telling the harrowing stories of their ordeals in their own words. For anyone who is being asked to consider electroconvulsive therapy – ECT or electroshock – as a treatment alternative for themselves or a loved one, this video is mandatory viewing. Consider it part of the “informed” portion of “informed consent.”

If you are a practitioner, a health care professional, or even a physician who uses ECT as therapy, watch and listen to the words of people who could very well have been your patients to learn about what they actually experience, and the aftermath, about which you might never hear.

If you are a politician or policy-maker involved in health care in almost every jurisdiction around the world, listen to the first-hand accounts of people who might otherwise be your constituents, and reconsider your government’s position on authorizing ECT as an acceptable treatment.

Watch the video, and think.


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  1. gary on

    Keep up the great work.I myself,am suffering from permanent damage caused by psychiatric meds,this believe it or not confirmed by a prominent doctor at a university hospital in Vancouver,in front of myself and my wife.My mother was not so lucky,she died aprx 2 weeks after being rendered a vegetable,the cause e.c.t.I strongly believe that the biggest travesty against humanity to date,is the over prescibed use of psychiatric meds and the use of e.c.t.My story is long,detailed,it is full of lies,deciet and manipulation at the hands of my health care professionals.I truly am becoming more aware as to the truths in my situation as each day passes.I am about to embark on my own educational web site,this site will differ from other great sites I have toured in some ways.Hopefully I will be able to get my site up and running so that others,because of the combined efforts of those that educate on truth,will not have to experience the hell I have.

    Thank-you. Gary,Maple Ridge B.C.

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