Bombarded by Drugs Video Now Posted

“You’ll have to excuse any lapses in memory I might experience, since I was only a child of six or seven when my experiences with psychiatric drugs began.”

The second video from the April 2005 hearings, Inquiry into Psychiatry, is now posted. Like the ECT Report video, this video also portrays moving and disturbing testimony from survivors of psychiatric medications. This is a difficult video to watch because the brave individuals who came forward to testify (and agreed to have their testimony recorded on video) lay bare very personal details of their lives that led to them being “bombarded by drugs,” rather than receiving other forms of support and therapy that would have been more appropriate. Particularly egregious examples are the multiple reports of people who were severely medicated as children or teenagers, rather than being rescued from severe physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at home and in school.

If anything, these heart-rending stories remind us of the danger of solutions looking for problems. With today’s growing arsenal of psychotropic medications, marketed heavily by the pharmaceutical industry, it is all too easy and tempting for physicians to turn to masking symptoms or controlling behaviours through chemical interventions, rather than helping an individual with underlying causes of personal turmoil.

Watch the video, and think carefully about the effects of being Bombarded by Drugs.


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  1. Joan Ferry on

    Very little in Canadian Mental Health has changed since July 2007.
    The system is entirely reprehensible.
    I am 80 years old this year. My son Christian is now 54 with ten years of the Revolving door of drugs with no therapy help in view.

    If you know of a class action that is presently in progress I am more than willing to participate.
    I am a Primal Therapist and have often tried to present to Canadian Mental Health my availability and my experitise. To no avail.
    My son remains trapped within the system.
    There are answers. EARTH HOUSE in New Jersey is one of them But this costs $20,000 for 3 months. When oh when will we have access to helping those that are so challenged?

    What is the reasoning behind feeding an alcoholic Pharmaceuiticals. It defies all reason.

    Please tell me how I can help us move forward out of the sludge of 18th century thinking.
    If Charles Dickens were alive today he would have a best seller on his hands about the infamy of the Canadian Mental Health system.

  2. Joan Ferry on

    Please tell tell me where we can take or to whom (what lawyer?) we can take a Class Action suit against the Mental Health system?
    If we could find a lawyer who him/her self has had the experience of a family member having to find their way our of the labyrinth would be a good beginning don’t you think?
    Joan Ferry

  3. Joan ferry on

    DEar Ms/Sir:
    As an 80 year old mother of a 55 year old… I know, I know and I know first hand .
    The Mental health system is reprehensible.
    As I recollect in about the mid sixties psychotropic drugs were introduced into the Mental Health Care system.
    This system is in desperate need of a change.
    The revolving door needs to be stopped in favour of therapy for our people who are so afflicted.
    I could go on forever.
    Please somebody DO something.
    We need to change the orientation.
    Yours truly,
    Joan Ferry

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