Videos from the Mother’s Day Demonstration

As we’ve been uploading videos from the Inquiry into Psychiatry hearings, I came across two videos from the Stop Shocking Our Mothers and Grandmothers Demonstration that was held in Toronto on Mother’s Day, 2007.


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  1. Graeme on

    There’s also:

  2. Graeme on

    What’s this ‘moderation’ business? Is our movement now embracing censorship?

  3. Mark on

    Nope, not censorship, and not something imposed by the movement, either. This is a technical feature of WordPress, that holds all comments that have multiple hyperlinks for verification that they’re not spam.

    One of the popular activities of spammers is to comment on weblogs with lots of hyperlinks so that they get the “Google-juice” connections of effectively being linked to. WordPress has a feature that attempts to prevent this sort of nonsense. (Imagine spammers putting hyperlinks to all sorts of online pharmacies dispensing psychiatric drugs on our weblog.)

    So far, the spam prevention features have caught 72 spam comments on our weblog.

  4. Graeme on

    OK, that explains it!

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