Stop Shock in NY – MindFreedom Appeal

4) Keep Speaking Out: Stop Electroshock in New York State!

Readers of these alerts are taking action, and officials in New York State say they are hearing from you. Keep it up!

MindFreedom continues to call on everyone to contact five (5) New York State officials by e-mail, phone, etc. to say “no” to New York State’s continued use of “forced electroshock.”

The New York Office of Mental Health contacted the MindFreedom office and claimed their use of forced electroshock is a matter for the courts, not for their Commissioner Hogan.

But Commissioner Hogan could *speak* *out* about a dream of a New York State with zero forced electroshock!

Instead, the NY Office of Mental Health defends the practice by saying “only about a dozen” citizens receive involuntary electroshock in NY state institutions each year. Even if that’s a reliable number, that’s an average of once-a-month too many! Even one forced electroshock traumatizes all in the mental health system.

Bring the number of forced electroshocks to zero!

An alert is on the MindFreedom web site with hyperlinks to the five NY officials along with additional information.


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  1. Carol Ann on

    The NY State Office of Mental Health supports more than forced electic shock treatments. This office also supports forced psychiatric evaluations, forced medications, and forced institutionalization. In fact, John Allen of the Bureau of Recipient Affairs has threatened to have me insitutionalized for filing complaints against him.

    There are numerous other concerns in regard to OMH, and NY State consumers are silently suffering from them. No one will respond with advocacy or protection.

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