Sue Clark’s comments re ABC News shock article

I am Sue Clark-Wittenberg of Ottawa, Canada. My husband Steven and I founded in 2006, the Wittenberg Center to End Electroshock (WCEE) Our websites: <> and <> My email is: <mailto:2005.sueclark@gmail.comI>2005.sueclark@gmail.comI had electroshock against my will when I was l7 years old in 1973 at the Brockville Psychiatric Hospital, in Ontario, Canada. On my 5th ECT my heart stopped and I had to be revived. I suffer from permanent memory loss and have difficulty in learning new things as a result of having had ECT.

ECT should have been banned many years ago as there have been many reports and studies done to prove that ECT always causes brain damage.Dr. Peter R. Breggin wrote an article recently called “Disturbing News for Patients and Shock Doctors Alike” that is on his website at http://www.breggin.comDr.

John Breeding’s websites are: <> and <;

Don Weitz and Bonnie Burstow’s websites are: <> and <https://capacanada.wordpress.comdavid/>

<https://capacanada.wordpress.comdavid/&gt; David Oaks, is head of Mindfreedom International and his website can be found at: <http://www.mindfreedom.orgother/>http://www.mindfreedom.orgOther

ECT websites: <;, <>, <;, http://www.stopshrinks.orgStats for ECT yearly, 14,000 ECTs given in Ontario, Canada. 100,000 Americans, 50,000 ECTs given in the UK and worlwide it is estimated that 1 to 2 million get ECT.ECT is barbaric, unethical, inhumane, torture and a crime against humanity and it must be banned now

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