Speak out against forced shocking of John Kelly in NY

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Please voice your protest against another outrageous example of forced electroshock in NY rubber-stamped by the New York State’s Office of Mental Health (OMH) – this time it’s John Kelly, who will be next?! Simone D is still in great danger of being forcibly and repeatedly shocked 30 more times-,she’s already been shocked about 200 times! Both are locked up in the notorious psychoprison Rockland Psychiatric Center. Psychiatrists and other doctors who shock and/or drug people against their will or without informed consent should be charged, tried and convicted of torture as Sue Clark has urged – not praised and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year which is what many shock promoter-shrinks are paid in the US and Canada for damaging people’s brains.
see article re Kelly & email addresses below – also posting this on the CAPA blogsite https://capacanada.wordpress.com

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I hope others have also taken a moment to e-mail about John Kelly and oppose his forced electroshock!!!

We know from an inside source attorney that public attention has upset the hornet’s nest inside the mental health system!

Yes, we ought to do much more than e-mail, and we hopefully all will… but e-mailing a brief civil note takes just a moment… At then least we are then on record as SPEAKING OUT! At least they can never say, “no one complained.”

Below is such a note by a really dynamic activist in New York I’m proud to call a friend, Darby, thanks Darby!!!!!!

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Subject: No forced shock for John Kelly
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James Bopp, Executive Director
Rockland Psychiatric Center
140 Old Orangeburg Road
Orangeburg, New York 10962

Dear Jim,

Having worked with you over many years and having known you as a
proponent of empowerment and choice for people with psychiatric
disabilities, I find it difficult to reconcile that experience with
the news that Rockland Psychiatric Center is taking legal action to
force John Kelly to undergo ECT against his expressed wishes and
despite his claims of memory loss from prior voluntary ECT.

I feel strongly that a procedure as invasive as forced ECT over
objection is simply
incompatible with a recovery orientation. Even Harold
Sackheim, long-time proponent of ECT, recognized in a 2007 article
what many unfortunate ECT survivors have known for decades: that ECT
causes brain damage and memory loss. I cannot understand how any
mental health professional can believe that forcing this
controversial procedure on an objecting individual is ethical.

Jim, I know that you are a man of conscience and I urge you to
intervene to stop this human rights violation from being perpetrated
on Mr. Kelly.


Darby Penney

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