Another survivor dead from heat & drugs

From Canadian Press: Suzanne Young, Sarnia; died from heat

Heat victim couldn’t afford AC fee

SARNIA — Neighbours say a mentally ill woman found dead in her sweltering apartment couldn’t afford air conditioning.
Police cited excessively hot temperatures in Suzanne Young’s apartment as a possible factor in the 49-year-old’s death. “It is possible that the heat contributed to her death,” said coroner Dr. David Eden. He added there was no reason to suspect foul play. Young was found in her bed on the weekend by a neighbour who became concerned after not seeing her take her usual morning walk. “We were all wondering where she went because the last day we saw her was Thursday,” said Timothy Duquette, who lives in the area. Shanna MacDonald, who adopted Young’s 15-year-old daughter as a child, said Young was on medication for mental illness, including schizophrenia. Friends said Young was living on social assistance and cleaned up the parking lots at two local coffee and convenience stores for extra money. Because of her fixed income, Young could not afford the $50 monthly fee charged by her landlord to cover electricity costs of a window air conditioner, said her friend Jane McNevan.

HORRIBLE AND INEXCUSABLE – another state-sanctioned crime of neglect/indifference/discrimination against poor women & psychiatric survivors like Suzanne Young

– Don Weitz

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