Dr. Michael Evans another shock promoter

In yesterday’s Globe and Mail/Life-Health Section (Aug. 21), Dr. Michael Evans (Western Hospital in Toronto) hypes electroshock as treatment for depression, cites 2 prominent doctors helped by shock, and claims memory loss is “transient”, claims “convulsions are no longer part of the treatment”, claims “ECT” is simpler and safer & other lies. The article is entitled “Stigma over shadows ECT’s effectiveness.”Perhaps some letters to Michael Evans and the editor might convey some truth to this one-sided hype job!



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  1. Mark on

    So-called evidence-based medicine would dismiss the book on which Evans based this article as a mere anecdotal account of one person – and a person who is vested in the existing system to boot! But what gets me is the quote from the JAMA review: “investigators found that ECT produced a marked drop in suicide and depression relapse rates, especially with maintenance therapy in which patients visit regularly as outpatients” (emphasis added).

    Imagine that. If we keep shocking, and therefore numbing, people, they stay “cured.” In other words, there is no long-term benefit to ECT, just a short-term effect of being shocked, which has to be repeated and repeated to keep the person numbed.

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