Simone D & John Kelly stop shock, now call to abolish shock

Congratulations to Simone D and John Kelly, their lawyers and lots of shock survivors and others who supported their courageous and successful fight to stop shock! Unfortunately, there are many thousands of other brothers and sisters that have not been as successful as Simone D and John Kelly- many have been permanently disabled or died after being electroshocked. The brain damage, disability, and death toll caused by shock is a virtual pandemic.

ALL men and women, especially older women(60+), ending up in the psychiatric system are at great risk of being forcibly electroshocked and drugged – without “informed consent“. Two to three times more women than men are electroshocked – I have Ontario “ECT” stats to prove this fact. Shock is invariably administered against people’s will – “informed consent” to shock and psychiatric drugs is a complete sham & myth because it’s constantly violated. We need more class-action lawsuits, public education, political action, and international networking and solidarity to stop this TORTURE, this MENTICIDE, masquerading as “safe, effective & lifesaving treatment”. As we know, electroshock is a memory-destroying, brain-damaging, sexist, ageist, coercive, unethical psychiatric procedure, not a “safe, effective, lifesaving treatment.” It never was.


p.s. Tune in today, August 29 at 4pm (EDT) to listen to David Oaks interviewing shock survivor-antipsychiatry activist Sue Clark on MindFreedom Radio
I’m also interviewing Sue this Friday, August 31 on CKLN (88.1FM), at 6:30 (EST)


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  1. Shagya on

    Dear CAPA,

    I found your site and blog through a link over at the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty site. I’ve taken the liberty of including your site within the sidebar on my own blog. I hope this is helpful. Also I posted a summary of an article lifted from the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry which demonstrates that psychiatric fascism may be losing some ground even in places where this might be least expected. Mental Illness

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