School of Shock Video

Here’s a video about some “scientific results” coming from the Judge Rotenberg Center, run by Matthew Israel, that was described in this post, and the Mother Jones article. There is clear demonstration that shocking children quickly “improves” their behaviour – that’s sort of obvious. Watch to the end, where you see the type of “infractions” that merit shock treatment.


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  1. Matthew L. Israel on

    Ms. Gonnerman’s article “School of Shock,” which appears in the September/October issue of the Mother Jones magazine, is an entirely one-sided and biased account of the court- and parent-approved behavior modification therapy used at the Judge Rotenberg Center to successfully treat, without drugs, severe (sometimes life-threatening) behavior problems of children and young adults with special needs that have not responded to any other form of treatment. For readers who would like to hear the other side of this story, please see

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