Naomi Klein book & survivor Gail Kastner

Sue Clark writes to tell us about Gail Kastner’s compensation from 2004. Kastner is profiled as a victim of Ewen Cameron and the CIA in Naomi Klein’s new book, The Shock Doctrines:

Woman awarded $100,000 for CIA-funded electroshock

Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Montreal woman who underwent intense electroshock treatment in a program funded by the CIA 50 years ago has been awarded $100,000.Gail Kastner was given massive electroshock therapy to treat depression in 1953 at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal.

She was told on Wednesday of the compensation award.

She was left out of a federal compensation package in 1994 because her treatment was deemed to have been less intense than that of other victims of the experiments. Her treatment was also found to have had fewer long-term effects.

A Federal Court judge reversed that ruling, and awarded her the same amount Ottawa gave to 77 others as compensation for their treatment.

There were 253 claims rejected.

Dr. Ewan Cameron, who was director of the Allan Memorial Institute, conducted experiments using electroshock and drug-induced sleep. The research was funded from 1950 to 1965 by the CIA and by the Canadian government.


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  1. Graeme on

    Check out the following video at

    A Film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein, directed by Jonás Cuarón. (Alfonso Cuarón is the director of Children of Men).

  2. Susan Stevenson on

    My uncle was one of the people who was denied compensation in the 1990s for mistreatment at the Allan Memorial in the 1950s, so we are now hiring the same lawyer that Gail had to try again (2011.

    Sadly, my uncle also went on to have an operation to his brain also in Province of Quebec, l’Hopital St. Micheld Archange in Quebec City, which rendered him permanently disabled. For the latter there is no compensation.

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