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  1. Rich on

    I found your site during my personal research into ECTs, I feel it important to inform you I have never undergone a single treatment as of yet and no discussion with my psychiatrist. I believe in the power of self education and I would agree the the system does have its flaws; however to out right say in the posting before this one, mental illness doesn’t exist is just as unacceptable. I am not a doctor and I merely have a high school education. I have a mental illness major depression, SAD, and Anxiety disorder. I believe this is a MENTAL ILLNESS, medication is only effective for a short period (about 1yr). I have gone through and am currently attending intensive therapy with a counselor and various other medical professionals. I am personally considering ECT as a possible treatment method. Because of past issues and current symptoms of my depression already include memory loss, confusion and furthermore if I am do live with these issues due to my depression, I would rather live with these condition and not be depressed all the time. If that means I lose a few happy memories then so be it as the majority is shit anyways. I agree ECTs should be strictly voluntary and patients should be informed of the risks and the controversy of such a treatment. There is substantial proof ECT is effect in lots of people. I currently have 3 friends that have undergone ECT 2 of which are currently undergoing what you call “maintenance” treatments, the third has discontinued the treatment as the effectiveness was short lived, however this very nice lady would tell you herself it works for some so why not? As with any treatment there risks and side-effects it would sure be nice to see an agency that protected the abused but also assisted our over work medical sector with education and co-operated the the government to set strict guidelines and lectures before the treatment is first administered. When I declared bankruptcy (only did this once) it is mandated here in Alberta that I was to attend credit counseling meetings, when I wanted my drivers license I had to take a test. My suggestion is instead of just banning the treatment because it may have been misused, but rather petition the government to make it law that you must undergo pre and post-decision educational meetings and must also submit an exam to determine if you truly understand the treatment. Should we ban penicillin because my brother is allergic to it and almost died because the stupid doctor figured he knew better? What about me I am not allergic to penicillin, so should I die of gang-green because it was banned due to the issue with my brother? I thank you for you time and attention to my concerns. Nothing I have read on your blog at wordpress or at your main and out of date website has caused my to change my mind. My personal decision and informed choice is that I will be requesting my doctor to allow me to undergo the treatment

  2. Anonymous on

    I am a 55 year old male. I truly am against the banning of ECT. As far as I am concerned it has given me my life back. In my case it was the pills that I think put me into the horrible state I was in. ECT kick started me back to feeling and thinking normally. There was lots of work after wards and still is more, on my part but life is work. My point is you can’t get to that work to help your self if you can not function at all. ECT helps you to come out of the fog or non functionaing state so you can move on with your life and start to fell the joys of life again, naturally. I am very much against anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications (DRUGS) and their many horrible side effects. I was on every pill out there so I know. But and there is always this but in all medical treatments what may have helped me may hurt or not help someone else. If we could know better as to which terapy helps one and may harn another this would be a break through. However, it seems even with todays modern medicine we lack this ability. But pleae do NOT take away a treatment that could save lives and the lives of loved ones who are surrering right along with the sick person. In my case I could feel better after only about the 3 treatment, I had about 11 treatments. I felt no side effects except slight memory loss for a short time and a little foggy but nothing couldcompare to the relief I felt from being pulled out of the depts of the depression or what ever I was in. After ECT, and only after 3 teatments, I felt like everything for me became calm, peaceful and color came back into what was my gray painful,thinking life had nothing to offer me world. ECT is a blessing to me. I fell sorry for others who may have been harmed by it but maybe something went wrong with the admistration of it, or maybe they themselves did something to add aditional harm to themselves.
    My pint is every case is so different and must be really looked into. I know in my case if I continued to take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills I would have been right back where I was befor ethe ECT treatments. Diet and excercise keep me well, no one is perfect. Walk and talk to a friend or someone who cares each day and stay away from things that poison your body such as caffeine(a drug by the way) and nicotene (cigarettes) and alcohol and over eating or under eating, junk food. We all neewd to take responsibilty for are onw selfs, mind,body and emotions. I actually went against the doctors orders to keep taking the anti-depressant afterr ECT, I said in my case this helped to contribute to my non-functionality in the first place. Well it turned out I have a missing enzyme in my liver, I was born with it and I must live with it.
    So you see after about 5 years of pills hurting me since the pills made me toxic. So ECT helped me and the pills only caused me more harm. My pint not everyone can benefit by the same treatment because we are all made differently. But I have read many a book about people being hharmed by pills for depression and yet the FDA keeps them on the market. What is that all about?

  3. Lee on

    During the summer of 1990, I was losing my business and my husband to another woman. I became extremely stressed and had a schizophrenic first break that summer when I was 33. I am now 52. During that break I was hospitalized a second time during the same summer and the “doctors” told me about ECT and that they thought it would really help me. They hadn’t tried me on any drugs yet so I’m not sure how they came to this conclusion. I certainly was in no position to make such a serious decision. I don’t think they even consulted my husband. But, because I was terrified of the things going on in my head and nobody seemed to have any answers as to why I convinced everyone was trying to kill me, I decided I had nothing to lose and agreed. After 9 treatments my memory was completely erased and I sunk into deep depression which kept me bedridden for almost 5 years (at least 20 hrs a day in bed). I had to relearn how to do almost everything. During that time they started me on a variety of dangerous drugs. I now understand that I cannot tolerate too much stress or I will have another break, but it just astounds me how quickly and without knowing much about my background or my stressors these people were able to even suggest ECT to a mentally ill person.

  4. Margaret Parry on

    It just shows how irresponsible and nasty psychiatry really is. They tote ECT and are just after the money and not interested in people’s, particually women’s problems Where are the proofs or tests that prove mental illness even exist? There are none

  5. gaylene marie spear on

    I have realized I have a moblile ect in my body. please take this very seriously i dont know were to turn or who to ask for help i hardly have any memoeries left and i was a single mother of 5 children but the most im portant factor is is that i am an orphan thats how they managed to nail me down for this experiment! NO repercussions!

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