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Anti-Shock Protest in Montreal on Mother’s Day

Gathering in Montreal
Saturday May 10th, 2008 at 11 a.m.
Honouring Mother’s Day

Two to three times more women than men are electroshocked!

Disproportionately large numbers of el-derly women, 60 years and older, are also electrochocked!

Lets stop violence against women, mothers and grand-mothers!

Gathering, Place Émilie-Gamelin (metro Berri-UQAM) Saturday. May 10 at 11:00 AM, testimonies, animation, flyers, petition to sign for the abolition of ECT.

Organized by Comité Pare-chocs with the collaboration of Action Autonomie, the Montreal Mental Health Rights Collective.


1. ETC is oppressive, violent – a violation of the integrity and dignity of the person.

2. Past and recent studies have proven that ECT is not an effective treatment.

3. Vulnerable people serve as guinea pigs for this experimental “treatment”.

4. ETC can cause death.

5. ETC causes brain damage.

6. ETC can cause permanent memory loss.

7. ETC can cause cognitive impairments and learning disabilities.

8. The side effects of ETC are numerous: confusion, headaches, weakness, insomnia, heart problems and impact on one’s social life.

9. ETC does not improve one’s health or quality of life.

10. ETC is a controversial issue even among the scientific community.

For more info contact us:
1260 Sainte-Catherine Est,
Bureau 208
Montréal, Qc. H2L 2H2
(514) 525-5060



Gathering in Montreal
Saturday May 10th 2008
Honouring Mother’s Day

Quebec Committee to ban ECT

Say No to ECT!

• Two out of three electroshocks are given to women!
• Women over 60 get the most ECT!

Lets stop violence against women, mothers and grand-mothers!

Organized by Pare-Chocs, a committee to ban ECT, in collaboration with Action-Autonomy, a rights group in mental health in Montreal.

10 reasons for banning ECT:

1. ECT is oppressive, violent – a violation of the integrity and dignity of the person.
2. Past and recent studies have proven that ECT is not an effective treatment.
3. Vulnerable people serve as guinea pigs for this experimental “treatment”.
4. ECT can cause death.
5. ECT causes brain damage.
6. ECT can cause permanent memory loss.
7. ECT can cause cognitive impairments and learning disabilities.
8. The side effects of ECT are numerous: confusion, headaches, weakness, insomnia, heart problems and impact on one’s social life.
9. ECT does not improve one’s health or quality of life.
10. ECT is a controversial issue even among the scientific community.


From: mary maddock
Date: April 24, 2008 10:00:18 AM EDT (CA)
Subject: RE: [ZapBack!] MindFreedom Ireland press release

Good News from Ireland.

I have just had my photo taken for one of our Sunday papers with some of our banners against electro shock. There will be an article in the paper next Sunday and our rebel psychiatrist Michael Corry will be featured with my story and experience backing up his professional opinion that electro shock caused brain damage. Mary.

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 23:57:29 +0100
Subject: [ZapBack!] MindFreedom Ireland press release




A public protest meeting against the psychiatric practice of electro-shock treatment, also known as ‘electro-convulsive therapy’ (ECT) will be held on Saturday, May 3rd at the GPO, Oliver Plunket Street, Cork. The protest will take place from 1pm to 4pm and is being organised by MindFreedom Ireland which campaigns against the abuse of human rights in the field of psychiatry. A number of survivors of electro-shock will address the meeting.

The practice of electro-shock involves the placing of electrodes on a person’s forehead and administering an electric current of up to 400 volts precipitating a grand mal seizure or convulsion which is disguised by anaesthetic.

Electro-shock causes brain damage and memory loss and today is on the increase worldwide. The most recent year for which figures are available in Ireland show that 1,483 people received electro-shock in 2003. It is often administered against a person’s will and as such, is a direct assault on the human rights of that person.

A recent study led by psychiatrist Dr. Harold Sackheim of Columbia University, New York, a lifelong defender and promoter of electro-shock, confirmed that it causes permanent brain damage and dysfunction.

The Cork protest is being held in conjunction with a similar protests in Ottawa, Canada to coincide with Canadian Mothers Day and to highlight the fact that worldwide, 60% of those receiving electro-shock are women, many of them mothers and grandmothers.

Director of MindFreedom Ireland Mary Maddock said “Electro-shock is a barbaric assault on the individual. As a young mother after the birth of my daughter, I was subjected to 16 sessions of it and suffered permanent memory loss as a result. I have spoken to many others who have received it both in Ireland and abroad and all have received permanent brain damage. MindFreedom Ireland is calling for the total abolition of electro shock”

“Psychiatry is the only place where you damage the brain and call it a cure” says Dr.Peter Breggin, founder of the International Centre for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology.


MindFreedom Ireland,

16, Manor Close,

Thornbury Heights,


Phone: 021-4894303.


Interview with Don Weitz Apr.20/08- 12 noon

Hi Barry,
looking forward to the interview this Sunday at 12 noon (EST) –
I want to focus on antipsychiatry & growing resistance to electroshock – assume that’s ok
many thanks for contacting me & allowing 45 minutes
forwarding this to many other survivors and activists – hope some of them will tune in

On 14-Apr-08, at 9:11 AM, Barry Z.Shainbaum wrote:

Hi Don,

Thanks for confirming your interview for this Sunday at noon. I will speak with you by phone in the next few days. Your name will be listed on my website today or tomorrow. If you wish to forward listening info it is:

Sunday April 20, Noon, online:, click on Radio, click on Faith FM link. On the airwaves, Kitchener, Ont.on Faith FM, 94.3

The program is repeated Sunday April 27 at 11:00 am. on Hope FM in Woodstock. also 94.3. Heard online:, click on Radio, then Hope FM link.

The show is 60 minutes long, you will be on for approx. 45 minutes.


Barry Shainbaum
Toronto, Ont. Canada
(416) 362-8028
Inspirational speaking & images, radio program

Shock Protest on Mothers Day May 11 – press release

“Stop Shocking our Mother’s and Grandmothers”
May 11, 2008, Sunday on Mothers Day
Parliament Hill, meet at Centennial Flame, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
For more info call Sue: 613-721-1833

The International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (ICBE) is organizing a protest against the use of electroshock in Canada and is asking all
governments in Canada to put a moratorium on the use of electroshock.

Electroshock is also known as ECT, shock therapy, and electroconvulsive
therapy. 60% of ECT is given to women over the age of 60 years old.

ECT has been proven to cause brain damage 100% of the time. The
American Psychiatric Association and the Canadian Psychiatric Association routinely lie on their position papers on ECT and state that ECT is safe and so are the ECT machines; this is not true at all. The public has a right to know the truth about ECT.

Dr. Peter Breggin, a USA psychiatrist wrote about ECT and brain damage:

Two to three times more women than men undergo
electroshock usually without informed consent or
against their will.

The ICBE deems ECT to be barbaric, unethical, inhumane, and torture Sue Clark-Wittenberg, director of the ICBE in Ottawa had ECT in 1973. Sue suffers from permanent memory loss and has difficulty learning new things since she had ECT. Sue says “no one should have to go through what I did, ECT is a crime against humanity and ECT must end now”.
Sue’s mom also had ECT.

See the ICBE website: (for more info on ECT)

Please come out and support our worthy cause on May 11 and help stop the torture of ECT in Canada


Breggin Book Announcement
check out The 2nd/2008 edition of Dr. Peter Breggin’s outstanding Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry
see this site: – good summary

Pediatricians & child psychiatrists drug kids -more child abuse!

U R G E N T – MORE ALARMING EVIDENCE OF CHILD ABUSE BY DOCTORS AND DRUG COMPANIES This psychiatry-and-government-sanctioned child abuse is also happening in Canada but the Canadian Medical Assn, Canadian Psychiatric Assn, Health Canada, and Canadian media remain silent while millions of kids are at risk! Pediatricians & child psychiatrists involved and Big Pharma should be criminally charged with child abuse and medical malpractice. I’m forwarding this to some lawyers, investigative reporters, child advocates, antipsychiatry and human rights activists Don The Guardian 2.5m children on drugs in US April 07 2008 Antipsychotic drugs for children have taken off in the US on the back of a willingness to diagnose those with behavioural problems as having manic depression. Even children barely out of babyhood are getting a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, the modern term for the condition. The chief symptoms are mood swings, which, however, are common in children of any age. David Healy, an expert on bipolar disorder, said there were now 2.5 million American children on antipsychotics. However, the UK guidelines on the disorder, from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, urge caution. One drug which prompted concern was Risperdal, originally to be sold for children with “irritability” or difficult behaviour in autism. It was reviewed by experts for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency because of “concern about the potential misuse of [it] as … long-term chemical control”. The drug’s maker, Janssen-Cilag, though it won a licence for it, withdrew its application, citing differences with the authority. Sami Timimi, a child psychiatrist, criticises the “social trend of using powerful, largely ineffective medicines to control the behaviour of [children] who have never had a say in what is imposed on them”. More here: The Guardian Tranquillisers putting children’s lives at risk· Anti-psychotics may cause long-term harm, say critics Youngsters under 6 being given unlicensed drugs By Sarah Boseley April 7 2008 New evidence has shown children’s lives are being put at risk by a surge in the use of controversial tranquillising drugs which are being prescribed to control their behaviour, the Guardian has learned. The anti-psychotic drugs are being given to youngsters under the age of six even though the drugs have no licence for use in children except in certain schizophrenia cases, the report says. The number of children on the drugs has doubled since the early 1990s as the UK begins to follow a trend started in the US, but critics say they are a “chemical cosh” that could cause premature death. The first comprehensive analysis, carried out by Ian Wong, professor of paediatric medicines research at the London School of Pharmacy, suggests the number of children on the drugs has surged sharply. His analysis, to be published next month in the US journal Pediatrics, shows that between 1992 and 2005, 3,000 UK children were given anti-psychotics. Twice as many prescriptions were given to children for the drugs in 2005 as in 1992, with the biggest increase in the seven to 12 age group, where the number of anti-psychotics prescribed trebled. The largest category of use by far is in cases of behavioural disorders and personality disorders, including bipolar disorder (manic depression), autism and hyperactivity. The increase follows a huge rise in the use of the drugs in children in the US. Yet nobody knows how the drugs affect a growing child’s body or what may happen in the long term. The increase has come at a time when former psychiatric best-sellers Prozac and its class of anti-depressants have gone out of patent. Wong says children on anti-psychotic medication are more likely to die earlier – something which may not be caused by the drug but which gives cause for concern. “The mortality rate is much higher. It could be some underlying problem of the brain. It doesn’t show the drug is causing any deaths, but there is this inequality.” More here: 26,466 Signatures Against TeenScreen:, Video:

CAPA is endorsing an anti-shock protest on May 11, 2008, Mothers Day, in Ottawa –
If you know any group(s) or organization(s) that want to endorse this protest, please forward the release to them
and ask them to contact Sue Clark at 613-721-1833
thanks for any help

Anti-shock statement from survivor Evelyn Scogin in Texas

 posting this with permission, also check out site: – Don

Here is Evelyn’s latest writing, which can also be seen in the survivor stories of our website:

I will choose…

…what enters me, what becomes one with my body, mind and spirit.

Before, without a true understanding—”True Informed Consent”—I became another guinea pig to the psychiatric system.

No more will I blindly accept the word of the psychiatric system as law. My body, mind, and spirit are not yours for experimentation with pills and mind-altering electric convulsive therapy. Because I allowed this to happen when I needed help, my situation is worse than before. I am treated differently than I was before.

Before, I was a teacher. I helped deaf students with special needs. Before, I had a home. Before, I was involved in the community. Before, I had the support of many friends and family.

Now I have very little memory of my decline. I can no longer work or drive. I easily become lost. My memory of the past has a lot of gaps. My short-term memory is very short. I now have few friends and family supporters. I am not the person I was before. I am lost.

Today I choose…

…to stand up and to say to anyone who will listen, to the lawmakers of city, state, and federal governments these practices must stop, especially ECT.

This is my body, mind, and spirit. I gave it to the psychiatric community when I needed help. I want ti back.

My body, mind, and spirit are a non-negotiable demand.

Evelyn Scogin

February 2008