Anti-shock statement from survivor Evelyn Scogin in Texas

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Here is Evelyn’s latest writing, which can also be seen in the survivor stories of our website:

I will choose…

…what enters me, what becomes one with my body, mind and spirit.

Before, without a true understanding—”True Informed Consent”—I became another guinea pig to the psychiatric system.

No more will I blindly accept the word of the psychiatric system as law. My body, mind, and spirit are not yours for experimentation with pills and mind-altering electric convulsive therapy. Because I allowed this to happen when I needed help, my situation is worse than before. I am treated differently than I was before.

Before, I was a teacher. I helped deaf students with special needs. Before, I had a home. Before, I was involved in the community. Before, I had the support of many friends and family.

Now I have very little memory of my decline. I can no longer work or drive. I easily become lost. My memory of the past has a lot of gaps. My short-term memory is very short. I now have few friends and family supporters. I am not the person I was before. I am lost.

Today I choose…

…to stand up and to say to anyone who will listen, to the lawmakers of city, state, and federal governments these practices must stop, especially ECT.

This is my body, mind, and spirit. I gave it to the psychiatric community when I needed help. I want ti back.

My body, mind, and spirit are a non-negotiable demand.

Evelyn Scogin

February 2008

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