CAPA Endorses Anti-Shock Protest in Ireland/May 3/08

CAPA Endorses Anti-Shock Protest in Ireland
“Stop Shocking Our Mothers and Grandmothers”
May 3, 2008

MindFreedom Ireland

The Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA) in Toronto wholeheartedly
endorses the protest against electroshock (“ECT”) organized by MindFreedom
Ireland on May 3, 2008.

We urge governments in Ireland, Canada and other countries to ban
electroshock, as this brain-damaging treatment hurts so many of citizens
of the world. We totally agree with your demand to Stop Shocking Our
Mothers and Grandmothers, which was also CAPA’s demand at our anti-shock
protest held last year before our government last Mother’s Day. The
message of this campaign is an important one, since two to three times
more women than men are subjected to ECT, with elderly women at highest
jeopardy. This psychiatric procedure is routinely inflicted without
informed consent, as we know from the painful experiences shared with our
sisters who have survived it. Electroshock causes trauma, permanent brain
damage, memory loss, and sometimes death. ECT needs to be stopped in order
to prevent further harm to our sisters and brothers.

CAPA is proud to be working in coalition with groups like MindFreedom
Ireland to resist ECT and other harmful psychiatric practices. We stand
with you in our continuing struggle to ban electroshock now!

In solidarity,

Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault

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