10 Reasons to Ban Electroshock/Mother’s Day Protest,Montreal

Gathering in Montreal
Saturday May 10th 2008
Honouring Mother’s Day

Quebec Committee to ban ECT

Say No to ECT!

• Two out of three electroshocks are given to women!
• Women over 60 get the most ECT!

Lets stop violence against women, mothers and grand-mothers!

Organized by Pare-Chocs, a committee to ban ECT, in collaboration with Action-Autonomy, a rights group in mental health in Montreal.

10 reasons for banning ECT:

1. ECT is oppressive, violent – a violation of the integrity and dignity of the person.
2. Past and recent studies have proven that ECT is not an effective treatment.
3. Vulnerable people serve as guinea pigs for this experimental “treatment”.
4. ECT can cause death.
5. ECT causes brain damage.
6. ECT can cause permanent memory loss.
7. ECT can cause cognitive impairments and learning disabilities.
8. The side effects of ECT are numerous: confusion, headaches, weakness, insomnia, heart problems and impact on one’s social life.
9. ECT does not improve one’s health or quality of life.
10. ECT is a controversial issue even among the scientific community.

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