letter from Colette,a shock survivor in Ireland,posted by Don Weitz July1/08


As an involuntary electro shock survivor, I was most moved to witness Green Party Senators Deirdre De Burca and Dan Boyle present Dr Michael Corry’s Bill on involuntary electro shock and neurosurgery in the Senate yesterday.

I was given electro shock first in my teens and other sessions subsequently. My memory was severely impaired. It affected me very badly at work over the years.

A woman close to me, then a beautiful young girl, was given a lobotomy and has the mind of a child ever since. She had to spend the rest of her life in care.

The sooner this barbaric practice becomes a thing of the past, I and other electro shock survivors, will be able to breath and live more freely.


Colette Ni Dhuinneach, MindFreedom Ireland.

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