Psychiatric Survivor Pride

Join us for Psychiatric Survivor Pride

Psychiatric Survivor Pride Day will be celebrated on the seventh floor at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (252 Bloor St. West) on Saturday Sept 27 and Sunday Sept 28.

Sat: 1:00-1:30 opening, eating, and greetings from CAPA

Sat: 1:30-3:30–Premiere of Documentary Films “Bombarded by Drugs” and “The Electroshock Report” by Jeff Myers and Bonnie Burstow

Sat 3:30: Awarding of the CAPA Award for Lifetime Antipsychiatry Activism to Ottawa electroshock survivor and activist Sue Clark-Wittenberg. (Sue is the first ever recipient of this award, Let’s be there to celebrate.)

Sun 10:00 a.m-12: 00 p.m. Resistance Art: Understanding and exploring Psychiatric Oppression.   Workshop open only to psych survivors and mad people. (rsvp before event at

Sunday: 1:00-3:00″What was, what is, and what will be: Looking at psychiatric survivor, antipsychiatry, and mad organizing and action”. Workshop open to activists and artists in the psych survivor, antipsychiatry, or mad movements. (rsvp, before event at

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