Letter to the Toronto Star: NCR – another psychiatry-and-state fraud and deception

March 4, 2009

Attention: Opinion Page Editor The Toronto Star

NCR: another psychiatry-and-state fraud and deception

Re the recent trial of Vincent Li, I strongly oppose the legal defence of “not criminally responsible” (NCR) –the old ‘not  guilty by reason of insanity’ defence. Why? Because this legal defence perpetuates the myth and fraud of “mental illness”, and allows the  “mentally ill” accused person to avoid responsibility for his/her actions and consequences. After Vincent Li was accused of murder and labeled “mentally ill” or “schizophrenic” — he beheaded Tim McLean in an unprovoked attack on a greyhound bus — Li, his lawyer &  the psychiatrists (“mental health experts”) are now hyping the NCR defence in court to prevent sentencing him to prison. If the judge accepts the  “expert” testimony of the psychiatrists and NCR defence, Li will still be sentenced to prison, a maximum-security psychoprison (probably Oak Ridge/Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre in Ontario) where he will be locked up indefinitely, forcibly drugged with neuroleptics, and chemically lobotomized .

In a fast-tracked court trial (3 -4 days ) in Winnipeg, Vincent Li was sentenced indefinitely to a psychoprison after his lawyer, the prosecution (“the  crown”), and 2 psychiatrists, who gave “identical testimony”, conspired to  to urge the discredited and  illogical NCR defence and promote the myths of “schizophrenia”/”mental illness”. The NCR is just a sanitized version of the old “not guilty by reason of insanity” defence.  Like anybody else who kills, injures or harms another person, Li should be held responsible for his actions. Hearing voices or no voices,”mentally ill” or “sane”, Li had to know that he was killing (‘beheading’) another person. Li should have been criminally charged with murder. In the psychoprison, the psychiatrist-jailers will have another “mentally ill” human guinea pig whom they can torture and destroy with impunity with brain-damaging “antipsychotics” and other “safe and effective treatment”.

In the name of “mental health”, who benefits? Psychiatry and Big Pharma. Who suffers? Truth and justice.

Biographical note: Don Weitz is a psychiatric survivor, co-editor of Shrink Resistant: the struggle against psychiatry in Canada, and social justice activist in Toronto.

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