The International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (the ICBE) supports the CAPA vigil-memorial for Esmin Green who died tragically in New York.

Esmin Green will not be forgotten ever. Esmin was tortured by psychiatry and its neglect towards her. Esmin need not have died at all but she did. Why?
Esmin waited for over 24 hours in an emergency room and no one took notice of her being physically ill and then falling over onto the floor. She died and still no one took notice. This is an injustice! This is abuse! This is neglect! This is criminal what happened to Esmin.

Psychiatry is notorious for torturing people and they have been doing this for over 100 years now.
Psychiatry tortures people with their toxic drugs, their brain damaging electroshock, their labelling of people with bogus mental illnesses that do not exist, and being stigmatized with these so called labels, with restraints, and locking people up against their will.
In Ontario, CTO or otherwise known as Community Treatment orders still exists today whereby psychiatric survivors are forced to take toxic psychiatric drugs in the community or they are forced back into a psychiatric facility. This is social control of the people of Ontario.
Psychiatry is the biggest medical fraud out there today. Psychiatry is dangerous and evil.
Esmin was one of psychiatry’s victims. May we never forget what happened to her. It could happen to me or you or to someone you know.
Psychiatry will be dismantled as it is not gaining the ground it once did as people are becoming aware psychiatry is not a real science it never was
and how psychiatry has a hall of shame as long as highway 401.
Esmin did not deserve to be treated this way. Her human rights were violated.
her dignity was violated, her medical rights were violated and as a human being she was left there to die on a hospital floor with no concern for her at all.
May we take one minute of silence now to remember Esmin.
I thank all of you who have come out and have supported this Esmin Vigil-Memorial today.
Shame! shame on psychiatry – Psychiatry will come tumbling down to its knees.
Millions of people have been tortured by psychiatry.
What happened to Esmin is despicable, unethicial, barbaric, an atrocity and a crime against humanity.
We are not able to be with you all today but we are with you all in spirit.

We remain in solidarity,
Sue Clark-Wittenberg and Steven Wittenberg
directors of the International Campaign to Ban Electroshock
The ICBE in Ottawa

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