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MindFreedom news/NY’s coverup of forced electroshock info/new books

Subject:     MFNews: 4 Updates: Forced Shock, Bruce Levine, Mad Pride in Toronto
Date:     November 21, 2007 1:56:52 PM EST (CA)

MindFreedom International News – 21 November 2007 – please forward

Four News Updates for a Nonviolent Revolution in Mental Health


1) New York State Refuses to Release Documents on Forced Electroshock

Long-time human rights activist Darby Penney exclusive article on how New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is covering up data about forced electroshock (ECT) over the expressed wishes of the subject. A whistleblower confirms the cover-up. How you can speak out!

Full story:


2) Reminder: Next on Free MindFreedom Live Call-In Web Radio in Two (2) Hours!

What to do about America’s epidemic of despair?

Today, Wednesday, 21 November 2007, 4 pm ET just click on:

Guest: Bruce E. Levine, PhD is author of a new book, “Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy.” Phone in with your questions & comments live. Host: David Oaks.

More info, including how to hear archives if you miss the live show:


3) Mad Pride 2007 Event Update:

The Friendly Spike Theatre Band Presents Holiday at the Movies! 14 December 2007, Toronto, Canada:


4) New in MAD MARKET:

NORM SCREENER 2.0! Makes a great gift! It’s a new kit so YOU can screen the world for normality! It’s a skit! It’s a game! It’s strange! Your kit has the squeaking nose, normality-free coupons, biohazard apron and more, all in a convenient canvas bag! Now includes instruction sheet and screening questions created by psychiatric survivors!


“A Fight To Be” by Ron Bassman – survivor of forced shock becomes psychologist activist.

“Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry” – 61 authors unite to describe options other than traditional mental health system.

“Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic” by Bruce Levine – Bruce’s latest blast at how our society has some responsibility for some of the sadness of its members.

Back in stock: “Soteria: Through Madness to Deliverance” by Loren Mosher et al. Read about this classic alternative to the mental health system that worked, but has been covered-up.

And more!

Order two Mad Market items, and you can get a free surprise book gift free! And all Mad Market purchases support MindFreedom human rights campaigns.

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Survivor-activist Darby Penney refused access to electroshock info in NY

Darby Penney applies  for forced shock info in NY, refused access & appeals – sound  familiar?
see MindFreedom url below


3) CARE ABOUT ELECTROSHOCK? Especially if you are in New York State?

Then see the latest… Member Darby Penney has filed an excellent “Freedom of Information Law” (FOIL) request for information about the use of forced electroshock in New York State. You can read about her back-and-forth with New York State now, then watch the mindfreedom-news general public international announcements list for an alert about what you can do.

Darby’s news article is the MFI news section on the MindFreedom main home page now:

or go to: