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  1. So important to make a stance against psychiatric abuse. Thanks for sharing the info!

  2. Anonymous on

    times 33 2 kik their soooory ass

  3. Matthew Geisel on

    I think that many people have parasitic organisms in their body that are being treated incorrectly with psychiatric drugs. What happened to common sense medicine?

  4. Matthew Geisel on

    People who have been treated with psychiatric medicines have little ability to realize their actual medical problem, such as parasitic organisms, because psychiatric severely alter the perception of feeling or intuition within a human. That’s my experience as a 10 year psychiatric medication user who has now been clean off of psych meds for over 5 years now.

  5. Matthew Geisel on

    Psychiatrists should be in prison. 10 years of psych meds netted 10 suicide attempts. 5 years without psych meds netted 0 suicide attempts. My own appointed psychiatrists, who I saw once and called her a murderer and never saw again, asked me how else will she would make money. Psychiatry is about control and greed. It is very simple what psychiatry is about and it is criminal.

  6. Matthew Geisel on

    Last comment for the day… Remember quack doctors during the 1800s and early 1900s? People should start comparing psychiatrists to quacks. Psychiatrists do nothing to return a human to health and only do damage.

  7. Guarneri on

    Dear Matthew you are absolutely right I’m fitting for my son I need help to get him of the meds there is not a lot of help out there I call dr Bonnie for help today I. Hope it’s not to late for my son he is 26 if I knew wat I know now I wouldn’t put him on those evil meds those doctors are layers and should take there own meds in jail see if they turn in to psychopaths and murderes good Luk let me now how you got clear. Rose

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